Attic Stairs Installation Service

Attic Stairs Installation Service

Why Attic Stairs Installation Increases Space and Value

Attic stairs installation awards a great opportunity to maximize your available storage capacity, if you were not provided them by builder. If you reside in Charlotte NC then you know space is everything. ¬†Allowing better protection than a cold carport or a damp cellar, this storage can leave you with additional livable square footage in your home. That’s the reason that South Charlotte Services perform attic stairs installation for Charlotte homeowners.

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Attic Stairs Installation Charlotte, NC

In fact almost all of the local home improvement stores that sell these stairs, do not also install them. South Charlotte Services has quite a bit of experience do these and can help you explore the storage possibilities that your home can provides. Numerous homes are absent of attic stairs simply due to builder budget thus sealing off that valuable storage area. We can cut out and install pull-down fold away stairs that blend in with the ambience of your home, looking perfectly in place when closed.

If you already take advantage of the potential of this room, but want to make getting in and out easier on yourself, we can help with that too. Every home is different meaning we must come out and look at the project. Once there we will check attic to determine feasibility. If it is deemed possible we then explore deeper to determine structural and non structural areas. Many times after we do the attic stairs installation the homeowners will also have us floor the attic to increase storage space area where possible. We can also relocate the entryway or extend existing floor, helping make stashing those Christmas embellishments a a easy a task as possible.

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